Spring 2023

Please join your colleagues in completing the Standards Assessment Inventory, a tool that measures the alignment of our professional learning with the Standards for Professional Learning. The results of this confidential, 30-minute assessment will help us identify our professional learning priorities, assess our progress toward program goals, and plan effective professional learning that results in increased student success.

You do not need to be familiar with the Standards to complete the SAI. Simply answer your level of agreement with each of the items.

All information collected is anonymous.

Respondent anonymity is a critical component of the SAI. Neither Learning Forward nor your school/system administrator can identify any individual’s responses. Administrators can see aggregate school and district reports and a list of respondents who provide their email addresses, but the SAI does not link assessment takers to their responses.

You are able to leave the SAI and return to it where you left off.

Providing your email address when prompted is optional, and allows you to return to your SAI response where you left off.